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Protect your brandfrom automated threats

Identify and stop even the most sophisticated attackers in real-time. Built by former bot operators with unparalleled insight into the minds behind automated threats.

The problem

Your businessis prone to attacks.

Data Scraping
Denial of Wallet
Checkout Abuse
Fake Accounts
Denial of Inventory
Credential Stuffing
Fake Engagement
Promotion Fraud

The Solution

Pulse is a full-stopbot prevention system

Total Attacks Intercepted: 0

The complete package for bot detection.

Well equipped to tackle malicious online threats from every angle.

Real-Time Detection

Pulse detects and blocks attacks in real-time, keeping your site secure.

Realtime Detection Visualization24 Fraudulent80 Authentic104 Requests

AI Behavioral Analysis

Pulse analyzes thousands of unique data points to determine if a visitor is a human or a bot.

Attacker Risk Profile

One-Line Integration

Seamlessly integrate Pulse with your site using a single line of code.

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Successfully integrated!

May 4th, 2024 at 8:15 AM

Acme Co

Real-Time Analytics

Monitor your site traffic and bot activity in real-time with Pulse.

Realtime analytics visualization featuring several charts depecting website traffic, flagged activity, and attack requests

Integrate into your infrastructure with ease.

Integrate effortlessly with our versatile software development kits.

import { Pulse } from "@pulsesec/api";
const pulse = new Pulse("PULSE_SITE_KEY", "PULSE_SECRET_KEY");
async function classify(token) {
  const isBot = await pulse.classify(token);
  if (isBot) {
    return "Bot";
  return "Human";

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